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Inter-Generational Sports Day with Friend In Deed

Norwich School has been working with local Social Enterprise Friend In Deed to help combat loneliness in the older generations for a number of projects during 2018. On 27th July, Norwich School hosted an Inter-Generational Sports Day in partnership with Friend In Deed, a day where residents of local care homes and families with small children and babies could take part in inter-generational teams. The day saw attendees aged 0 to 90 years old form teams and take part in events including an egg and spoon race, target throw, relay race and ten pin bowling competitions. 


The aim of the project was to create a fun and interactive day for all generations, and to connect families with the older generations living in the community. Ideas for the day stemmed from previous projects the school and Friend In Deed have collaborated on. Friend In Deed have identified the need for such projects due to their work with the Alzheimer's Society, whose objective is to spread awareness of those living with the condition. Loneliness amongst the older generation has been highlighted as a particular issue in the county, and both the school and Friend In Deed beleive this is something which can be lessened.


Norwich School provided the venue, staffing and a BBQ and refreshments free of charge to all attendees of the day. Pupils from Norwich School also acted as volunteers on the day to help organise each event.


Founder of Friend in Deed, Kelly Lindsay said “we wanted to host this fantastic event because it was a great opportunity to bring different age groups together, promote kindness and showcase the community ethic that our wonderful county has."

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from the school's Peer Mentor programme acted as volunteers on the day, which was attended by visitors of all ages up to 90 years old.


Norwich School will continue to work with Friend In Deed over the next academic year, and have plans for a repeat of the successful event next year.