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Horniman Primary School perform at Alleyn's theatre in July 2017

In July 2017, Horniman Primary School returned to the MCT at Alleyn’s with their Year 6 pupils to rehearse and perform Alice the Musical. The pupils spent an intensive day in the theatre rehearsing and in the evening they performed to friends and family members.


This is the second year Horniman Primary School have used Alleyn's theatre for their end-of-term play. In 2016 a member of teaching staff at Horniman Primary contacted Alleyn's and following a discussion regarding the school's requirements a site visit was arranged. Alleyn's now contacts Horniman Primary on an annual basis to invite the school back to the theatre in the summer term.


The hire was duty-managed throughout by a member of Alleyn’s staff and the Theatre Manager was on hand throughout the hire to supervise the group’s use of the theatre.

The school used the MCT at Alleyn’s and technical equipment under the supervision of non-teaching staff. Alleyn’s Theatre Manager headed two production meetings prior to the hire to discuss all technical requirements. Event staff took care of all administrative aspects of the hire and duty staff managed the hire on the day. Alleyn’s technical staff operated lights and sound for the rehearsals and performance while also teaching one pupil the fundamentals in sound and lighting operation. 

Horniman Primary School hired the venue and equipment free of charge.


Horniman Primary School will be returning to Alleyn's in July 2018.