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High Mead Farm

Two groups of pupils visit the farm. Two 6th form pupils, often intending to study veterinary science at university, offer help in one area (and have, in the past, raised funds for the project independently). In addition, a groups of 6-10 Year 10 pupils ('Groundforce') visit the farm regularly to help in other areas.

Help has included work on the country fayre, organising a dog show, setting up a baking show as well as manual tasks around the farm such as grooming horses, feeding the goats and cleaning out the pigs and chickens.


The project is always looking for volunteers to work round the farm. For the pupils it offers the chance to help others while working closely with animals.


Canford staff drive the pupils to and from the farm; and one teacher stays with the younger group to help the farm staff.

Pupil Involvement

Two 6th form pupils and a larger groups of Year 10 pupils.


Help is offered throughout the year. The 6th form pupils attend every Monday for two hours; the Year 10 will go for two hours as well, but not every Monday as this project forms part of their experience over the year.