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Heber Primary Year 6 perform Charlie & the Chocolate Factory at Alleyn's Theatre

Year 6 pupils from Heber Primary in East Dulwich, perform Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at The MCT at Alleyn's.


Alleyn's multi purpose theatre space and all technical equipment was hired free of charge to the local School. 

Alleyn's student technicians operated lighting and sound for the duration of the hire. Alleyn's theatre manager, alongside Heber staff coordinated the day and oversaw the daily activities in the space.

Alleyn's event managers were on site throughout and supported the logistics of the hire, arranging FOH staff for their evening performance. 


Heber pupils enjoyed reheasing and performing in a professional theatre. 


Heber have used the theatre  at Alleyn's for the past three years. Heber will be returning to the theatre in summer 2019.