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Harvest Festival at The Froebelian School Raises £100s for Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Despite not being able to hold our traditional Harvest Festival assembly this year, there were still Froebelian Harvest traditions that we could continue safely to support charities.
Harvest envelopes were beautifully decorated by the children and returned with donations for Yorkshire Air Ambulance, raising an incredible £708.85.
In addition, we were inundated with donations of chocolates, biscuits, games, crossword puzzles and jigsaws which were donated to the ‘Horsforth Live at Home Scheme’. This year the scheme will be making gift hampers for all the Horsforth Live at Home Scheme members who will be by themselves this Christmas.


The aim was to raise funds and collect donations for the two charities.


This is an annual traditional event for The Froebelian School to raise money for the designated charity of the year and to help a local community project.


The whole school community was involved and £733.00 raised 


£733 was raised for Yorkshire Air Ambulance and a mountain of luxury items were donated for Horsforth Live at Home Scheme.

Pupil Involvement

All pupils aged 3 - 11 years were involved and also decorated donation envelopes.


This is an annual event