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Harry - Krish Mootoosamy Fest

The school provides facilities for Festival and Car Parking. To date, the charity has raised over £7500.


All proceeds will go towards supporting terminally and critically ill children with music therapy and we will continue supporting awareness of Pancreatic Cancer.



Harry was a pupil at the school. The charity is in his honour.

St Columba’s allumus Harry-Krish Mootoosamy was 39 when he lost a short battle with pancreatic cancer in 2014, leaving behind three children in St Albans.

The organisation, which is currently applying for charitable status, performs music to terminally ill children and supports pancreatic cancer research.


The school provides facilities for Festival and Car Parking.

2 staff


A fantastic cause. They fund music projects run by established charities who support critically and terminally ill children- they provide specialist music therapy in a variety of ways, to bring benefits to the emotional and physical well being of these children. They also campaign for awareness of Pancreatic Cancer.

Pupil Involvement

None - ex-pupils only


Annual festival and ongoing fundraising