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Hampton School Partnership with Local Primary Schools

Members of Hampton School teaching staff have been seconded to teach Biology at local primary schools. The schools involved are Hampton Hill Junior School and Buckingham Primary School.


The aims of this project is to support local primary school pupils and their teachers in delivering weekly lessons for subjects across the curriculum. The lessons take place at the local primary school.


Hour-long lessons are held at the local primary school on a weekly basis. The lessons are run by teachers from Hampton School and the resources are funded by the School.


Mr Alan Went, Headteacher of Hampton Hill Junior School, said:

“We are very fortunate to have developed wonderful links with Hampton School, who are very supportive to our pupils and provide exciting additional opportunities for them. One such opportunity has been the Biology lessons that Mr Davieson has been leading with each of our Year 5 classes this year. Such a vibrant and exciting opportunity. We would like to thank Mr Davieson for his brilliant input."


Pupil Involvement

The project is aimed at Years 4 and 5 (pupils aged between 8 and 10) from Hampton Hill Junior School and Buckingham Primary School.


This is an ongoing weekly activity.