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Hampton School and the Shooting Star Hospice Youth Group

The Shooting Star Hospice Youth Club meets on a Friday evening at Hampton School every month. 

Inclusive activities include film nights, sports activities, theatre workshops and video games sessions. It is an opportunity to socialise with other teenagers in a similar position and develop friendships in a parent free zone, with full care support available.


The purpose of the Shooting Star Hospice Youth Group is to give teenagers the opportunity to socialise with Hampton School pupils of a similar age.


The partnership has been in place since September 2018.


Hampton School provides full use of its facilities including the Sports Hall, the Hammond Theatre and outside playing fields. Hampton School staff time and catering are also provided.

Hampton School and the Shooting Star Hospice have agreed to jointly fund any activities that take place.


Alissa Colucci-Jones, Care Team Worker at the Shooting Star Hospice, writes:

“Our relationship with Hampton School has successfully developed since collaborating to run a youth group. The teenagers from the hospice have gained confidence from establishing relationships with the pupils from the School, and have experienced activities which may not have otherwise been available to them. The staff have always been proactive in meeting our needs to ensure inclusivity, and go above and beyond expectations to facilitate the monthly events.”

Pupil Involvement

The Shooting Star Hospice Youth Group is open to young adults aged 12-18 years old. Hampton School pupils who volunteer at the Youth Group are of a similar age. 


The Shooting Star Hospice Youth Group meets on a monthly basis.

The Youth Group will continue for as long as Shooting Star Hospice wish it to.