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Growing Governance Finance Knowledge and Skills

A current Governor at Homefield ( and our ex- chair) is a chartered accountant within more than 15 years of successful school governance experience. His expertise has been put 'on transfer' to a local state partner in order to increase the finance management capacity of their own governing body.


To grow the capacity of the governing body of our state partner, in terms of setting a balanced budget, monitoring and cost controls and its ability to hold the senior managment team and headteacher to account. 


The Headteacher of Robin Hood School idenfified a lack of finance capacity within her own Governing Body and hoped for more challenge and support around budget setting and montoring. We then deployed one of most experieced  'financial' governors , Mr Tony Jeans BSc FCA, to help.


Governor deployed to attend and advise state partner Finance Committees and Main Board over a two year period.


Partner school reports a balanced budget. Partner governors report increased capacity to adopt KPI's in order to hold the school management to account. Headteacher reports increased capacity of her governors to provide both support and challenge within a diffuclut budget setting context. 


Two year project, started in 2018.