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Gloucestershire County Cricket Club & Board - Junior Age Winter Coaching

Following the formation of a partnership between Gloucestershire County Cricket Club & Board with Wycliffe College the junior age group winter coaching programme has been held at Wycliffe for over 10 years. Throughout this time the senior squad have also used the facilities as part of their winter training schedule allowing the bowlers to access full run ups into their weekly programmes. Other uses include hosting CPD events for Gloucestershire coaches and age group trials for both junior age group girls and boys cricket. More recently, we have begun to host regular age group matches throughout the summer months.


The aim of the partnership is to maintain strong links with Gloucestershire Cricket to assist in the development of cricketers within the county.

The link benefits all those young athletes who achieve selection in their respective age groups and are then able to access the facilities and equipment available at Wycliffe and it’s convenience as a mid-way point between Bristol and the North of Gloucestershire.


The link was created by a through a member of Wycliffe Staff (Commercial Sports Manager) from a previous working and playing relationship with Gloucestershire County Cricket Club.


The cricket club has access to the sports hall and fitness suite in order to best facilitate the development of athletes.

The sessions are staffed by Gloucestershire County Cricket Club/Board qualified coaches only who are all fully affiliated members of the ECB.


The length of this working partnership (10+ years) is subjective evidence of its’ success and year on year is growing through growth of hosting matches, CPD workshops for coaches and age group trails as well as district Kwik cricket finals days.

Pupil Involvement

The winter programme includes children from under 11 to under 15 and the senior squad at pre-designated times.

Across the programme there are up to 80 children form schools across Gloucestershire and Bristol who attend weekly.


The winter training programme is a 12 week programme starting the first week of January and every Sunday thereafter between 1pm and 9pm.

A number of age group matches are hosted throughout the summer months. This is due to increase with the creation of a new grass wicket with specific focus on girls cricket.