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Fundraising initiative by the College to this local charity

The College community raise funds each year for a charity and throughout this year the focus has been to raise money to help those suffering trauma or with PTSD.


To provide opportunities for all pupils to empathise with local charity organisations and their work and to undertake altruistic activities to raise funds for them and the individuals they help.


The College has always supported charitable work. These include the annual charity and CATH as well as national charities such as Macmillan Cancer Care, Children in Need and Sports Relief. Raising awareness amongst the pupils as well as raising money have been the key goals. The ideas form part of the PSHEE curriculum with the College.


Events are held within the College and use the facilities, and time and expertise, of the pupils and staff.


Developing an awareness amongst our pupils about those who have significant obstacles to overcome is a major part of the College in developing well-rounded, kind and caring young people.

Pupil Involvement

All pupils from within the College - aged 4-18 - take part in the activities.


Fund raising takes place annually and the cheque is presented to the chosen charity at the College’s Prize Giving event in September.