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Fundraising for specialised communication equipment

The school is for severely disabled children and young adults. The funds raised are to implement and bring assistance for communication eg. a chair that allows head support and also for vocal sound to be made by iPAD touch


The pupils at the school have Care Plans that cover needs but not for additional or revolutionary new technologies; beneficiaries are all the pupils and specific projects within the fundraising allocations.


Treloars – 17 years association


Whole school charity – we raise money at school for this school’s charity status and chief projects


Enormous focus for our schools’ mission – care of the community with tangible effects – we see where our money goes and have direct links/visits

The work is fantastic eg. bought ice cream holders so that pupils could do what we take for granted

Pupil Involvement

Fisher House here at Farnborough Hill is central to this work in which I am involved.

An employee's daughter was at the school and her son is one of the main managers


On-going but last year was an amazing event – pupil (the Head Girl) came to see us using the special chair we helped purchase, to make her debut public speaking.