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Froebelian School sends Books to Malawi

We had the pleasure of welcoming back Mr Barry Brindley from The Zikomo Trust this term who came to collect a selection of books for children of all Primary school ages, to send to Malawi in South East Africa.  The Zikomo Trust supports orphans, vulnerable children and the elderly in Malawi through education, community support and healthcare.  Already this year the trust has sent two containers containing 860 tonnes of books for distribution to the primary and secondary schools up and down the country.


The aim was to send books no longer needed by Froebelian to children that need them in Malawi.


SLT member Mrs Miller identified the opportunity


The books being identified as surplus to requirements for the school was critical to the success of the activity.


Eight bags full of books were donated

Pupil Involvement

Pupils were not directly involved but were aware of what the school was doing and why.


This is the second year that we have donated books.