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Froebelian School Designated Charity

Froebelian School Raises £1000s for Marie Curie

The whole school community has once again come together to raise a staggering amount of money for our two designated charities this year. 

We had the absolute pleasure of presenting a cheque to Marie Curie for £1500.

Not only that, but two intrepid teams of pupils, staff and parents raised a further £1400 by taking part in a Swim-Athon and The Great Knaresborough Bed Race, taking the total to an astounding £2900.


To raise money for terminally ill people


School designted charity for 2017/2018


The whole school community and a team in The Great Knaresborough Bed Race and a Swimathon


Pupil Involvement

3 to 11 years


year long event