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Froebelian Raises £1000s for Save The Children

It has been another year of incredible fundraising by the whole Froebelian Family.  During the last academic year we raised an amazing £4499.53 for Save The Children and this morning presented a cheque to Jeanette Mowat from the Charity.

From climbing the Three Yorkshire Peaks, our very own Mrs Dodds doing a death defying Wing Walk, The Harvest Festival, a Santa Dash and numerous other activities and collections the whole School community has shown incredible kindness and generosity.

That amount of money will provide malnutrition packs to save the lives of 500 children who are in desperate need of nutritious food.

This year our fund raising has already begun for Shelter - our chosen charity for the year - with over £1000 raised by our Form IV children conquering The Yorkshire Three Peaks.


Raising money for Save The Children


The designated charity for the year at Froebelian


The whole school community was involved


Froebelian raised £4499.53

Pupil Involvement

Pupils aged 3-11 years were involved


This was the designated charity for 2021/2022