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Freshbrook Community Outreach

Pinewood has always been committed to supporting local community and ensuring that our children are exposed to life outside of our school gates.  In May 2017 our Year 8 Scholars dedicated their time to visiting the Freshbrook Church Lunchtime Club.  The club caters to local residents from West Swindon who are lonely and feel in need of company.  Not only did they give joy to those who visited the Church that day, but they also gained a great deal from the trip.  One Scholar noted that she learnt things that simply could not be taught by any teacher in a school and importantly recognised how important it is that we remember the older generations. 


The aim of the project was to teach our children the importance of supporting the wider community and help them see how rewarding such an experience can be. 


A member of staff is connected to the church and therefore saw this as a good opportunity for a Pinewood outreach project.  It is the first year that this programme has run. 


The impact of this project was measured by speaking with the children after the event and understanding what they had gained from the project.

Pupil Involvement

This visit formed part of the Year 8 Scholars programme.