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Free loan of minibus for Scout trips eg Orienteering, camping etc

St. Andrew's School loans its minibuses to Horsell Somers Scouts free of charge to enable them to participate in various activities such as orienteering and camping.


The aim of the project is to provide free transport for the scouts to enable them to reduce the cost of their trips which in turn, enables more scouts to participate.


We have been loaning our minibuses for many years following contact between the school and the local scout group.


We use our minibuses and our admin time to ensure that the minibus drivers have the correct paperwork, for example driving licence checks. 


We have been advised by the scouts that, in loaning our minibus, many more scouts have been able to participate in events such as orienteering, cooking competitions and overnight camping trips. This is important in developing children's confidence, independence and other critical life skills.


This is a regular event (as often as once a month) and we intend to continue this venture.