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Francis Holland School runs Latin lessons for Year 8 pupils at St Marylebone School

St Marylebone School reached out to us to ask for our help with Latin teaching. They had no spare capacity to offer the language to girls in Year 8 and we were delighted to be able to step in and run after-school lessons every week. The project began in September 2017.


To provide an introduction to Latin course for girls at our partner school. The course will be deemed to be successful if the girls are motivated and able to progress to a Latin course for Year 9 and beyond that for GCSE. There are 20 girls in the group.


Francis Holland was approached by St Marylebone and asked for assistance in the Summer Term of 2017. A regular weekly lesson was instigated for September 2017 and will run throughout the academic year.


This partnership requires: teaching time, marking and preparation time. Text books, photocopying and exercise books are also provided for our guests from St Marylebone. Francis Holland is paying one teacher for her additional hours for these lessons.


There will be a qualitative outcome at the end of the year when the pupils are offered the chance to continue with Latin. We hope to be abble to build on this project next year to reach more pupils.

Pupil Involvement

This is a project which is only for girls (both schools are girls only) and it is operating at Year 8 only.


This is a weekly occurrence.