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Football Training with Tottenham Hotspur FC

30 Children from Millmead Primary School spent the afternoon training and developing
their football skills with members of the coaching staff from Tottenham Hotspur FC.


This sporting activity was organised to share the exemplary opportunities offered to
the children of St Joseph's In The Park with local state schools.
30 children from Year 6 at Millmead Primary School took part in this event.


Coaches from Tottenham Hotspur FC are supporting the development of the children
at SJITP. The Head Master offered a training session to local schools when SJITP
children would be away from school on their residential trips.
The partnership with THFC has been in place since the start of the academic year


St Joseph's In The Park sports facilities were used for this event. Coaches were
provided by THFC. the session lasted for 2 hours.
Financial contributions were met by St Joseph's In The Park.


The anticipated outcomes were the development in football skills for the children and
the opportunity to be coached by members of THFC coaching staff.

Pupil Involvement

30 Year 6 mixed gender pupils.


This was a one off event in this academic term.