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Foodbank Friday

Sixth Formers organise a weekly collection of non-perishable items from pupils and staff as they arrive at School.  They deliver these and stay to help distribute them.  


As well as helping those in the borough, which has the greatest wealth disparity in the country, this is an important opportunity for our pupils to learn about community service as well as practical, logisitcal skills and marketing.  


Wishing to extend our outreach, we established the connection through the local charity, the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation.  The partnership has been running since Christmas 2018.  


We store donations here before the girls transport them themselves to the foodbank. Commuication of the project to staff, parents and girls has been very simple- through an initial email, posters and assembly announcements.  It has helped that the organising staff member is a Sixth Form tutor.  

This has been an excellent project for the girls to take charge of.  


Our contributions were highlighted in the K&C Foundation's Easter newsletter.  The Youth and Community Worker at the Methodist church where the foodbank is based wrote to say that she is "So glad that we have young people who are keen to make a positive difference in the community!"

Pupil Involvement

The charities prefects in charge of the donations are in Y12 in the Senior School and Y6 in the Junior School.

During the holidays, five Y12 girls have been to volunteer at the foodbank, helping with organisation, packing and distribution.  


This is an on-going weekly project which has quickly become part of the rhythm of the School week.