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Fidget spinners for dementia care patients.

The College's Design and Technology department are creating fidget spinners for use within Dementia Wards at local hospitals.


To provide help for the ‘Forget Me Not’ dementia ward patients at Halton/Warrington NHS hospitals.


A member of the College’s PTFA works within the NHS and was looking for help for the patients with dementia. As part of the PTFA fundraising, cash was raised for a second 3D printer for the Design Technology Workshop and the Head of DT, agreed to produce ‘fidget spinners’ for use with patients on the dementia ward.


The new 3D printer is being used to produce the spinners and College is also paying for the plastic with which to make them. Time to make the spinners is also a consideration but the Head of DT and the DT Technician are producing these themselves for no cost to the NHS.


The member of the PTFA said this would have a big impact on the patients within the dementia ward, helping them with concentration and dexterity.


This has been the first occasion that these have been produced but DT have said they will produce as many as are required. This is a project that could be extended to other hospitals/organisations.