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Feed the Homeless Charity Partnership

A Redmaids’ High pupil led the collection of enough socks, gloves, toothbrushes and other toiletries to make up 30 backpacks for homeless people in Bristol and worked with the charity Feed the Homeless. Having spoken to a number of people, the pupil found out that a few basic items would make an improvement to their lives. 

Students at Redmaids’ High Junior School helped her to produce the backpacks in time to help the rough sleepers at the coldest time of year. In addition, she put out a plea for any adult shoes, hats, backpacks and sleeping bags that were unwanted but in good condition. The school community responded generously and she filled up the packs before joining volunteers from Feed The Homeless Bristol to hand them out.




The aim of the project was to help people who are vulnerable in Bristol by providing basic clothes, food and toiletries.



The project came about when a student was shopping in the centre of Bristol and saw lots of people sleeping rough. She wanted to do more, so got in contact with Feed the Homeless to see what she could do to help.


Pupil Involvement

The project involved pupils from the whole junior and infant school who helped with donations of clothes, food, toiletries and bedding.