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EYFS Cluster

An EYFS Cluster group set up by Prestfelde School to link with other Maintained and Non-Maintained Schools and Nurseries to share good practice and support each other in the development of new initiative to improve outcomes for our local children.


To share good EYFS pedagogy and practice locally.

To ensure consistency in understanding and moderation of attainment locally and nationally.

To develop new initiatives to impact positively upon our children's learning and development.

To support each other professionally to share what we know about our children and the challenges for their future.


Prestfelde's EYFS lead used to be an EYFS advisor for Shropshire Council. When starting her role at Prestfelde, she was shocked at how the independent sector was not included within the vision and development of new initiatives and information sharing within the local authority. Therefore, using the contacts she already had, set up a cluster groups with likeminded practitioners who were committed to improving outcomes for their children.

This has now evolved and up to 12 different local schools have accessed the custer group each term.

The cluster has been active for 4 years and has now split into a 3-4 year and 4-5 years group to focus upon specific developments for their age of children.


Use of school grounds and rooms 

Catering to ensure all teachers feel valued and their needs met after school.

Resources are dependent upon the focus, but usually all contribute and bring resources and evidence to share and discuss.

Prestfelde School funds this.


The benefits have been excellent as now all my EYFS staff feel assured that they are in line with local and national agendas and thinking.

EYFSP data is moderated and secure.

New initiatives are implemented with a view to their impact upon children's learning and attainment.

Pupil Involvement



Termly meetings after school at 4pm-5pm.