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Exeter Live Better

The aim of the Exeter Live Better project is to increase awareness about Exeter as a whole to attract inward investment and new, high salaried jobs from many leading companies around the world.


The main aims of Exeter Live Better are:

Use the strengths of the city to pull together with a collective narrative to achieve what wouldn’t be possible alone

Civic pride

Enhanced reputation on a national and international level

Ability to lobby government for more control for our citizens

More business start-ups

A competitive advantage for recruitment

More established businesses/institutions – and young professionals and entrepreneurs - considering Exeter as a primary relocation option

Increase in retail visitors and tourism

Targeted growth in key areas for the city


We were approached by the people spearheading the project to be a part of it. 


To join up our marketing with the scheme where possible and help promote Exeter as an attractive place to live, study and work.


To succeed in meeting the aims of the project. Promoting Exeter is good for us as a school as it will attract more people to relocate to the city.

Pupil Involvement