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Excel Sports - 13-18 years Community Sessions

Free Football Coaching for children 13-18 years.


To offer local youths free football coaching for 90 minutes every Monday evening.

Who was identified for the programme? Students who were previously hanging about the Dukes Meadows complex on an evening. The programme was advertised at Chiswick School for students aged 13-18 years.


The partnership has been running for 3 years and has offered free football coaching to over 150 different players aged 13 - 18 years.


King's House provide the pitch for free and pay for coaches from Excel Sports to deliver the community sessions.



Players have benefited from all year round football coaching and Excel Sports have identified potential sports coaches from the programme who are now delivering as part of the Excel Sports Coaching Programme.

Pupil Involvement

13 - 18 years. Pupils are from local state secondary schools.


Mondays 5.30 - 7.00pm.