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Establishing links

The Cavendish School had a meeting with the Headtacher at Carlton and we are both very keen to work together on some music projects and also PE games together.  Will update once we have organised some dates and projects.


To provide specialist teaching in music to the whole of Year 5 pupils. They have been learning how to perform authentic African drum rhythms and Samba drumming with reference to Western notation and the Kodaly method. They learn various skills such as improvising over patterns in three and four-time, leading a group and reading different forms of notation. Working towards a concert at the end of each term, these sessions have helped build confidence and are an opportunity for less academic pupils to shine in other areas. 

Efforts have successfully been made to share the school’s facilities with local schools. We included a local school in a one hour Lunar New Year workshop in February for 40 Year 2 pupils, given by a Mandarin teaching specialist.


Our music specialist ( teaching staff) visits the school weekly for music lessons with Year 5 pupils.


Assessment carried out annually.

Pupil Involvement

Year 5, boys and girls.


Ongoing, each week during term time.  No end date.