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Enjoying French Together! (Funtington)

Each year we stage a beginners' French play at Oakwood, performed by the wonderful Onatti Theatre Company, to which we invite our local primary school, Funtington Primary School. 


The aim of the project is to be able to get together with our local primary school, to have fun watching a very enjoyable French play. This has proved to be a very valuable experience, both in terms of providing community links, but also in terms of envying learning to take place. 


We have hosted Funtington Primary School for this since 2017. We knew this play to be great fun, and that it provided a superb learning experience, so we wanted to share the opportunity with others. 


Funtington Primary School does not have to contribute financially to this event; we are delighted to have the opportunity to build community links through hosting them. 

All pupils have a French-themed snack beforehand and play together, then go into The Lyne Hall at Oakwood to enjoy the play, which lasts for just under an hour. The play is very pargicipative and has been enjoyed by all, with much laughter and learning occurring; both at the same time. 


The opportunity to see 'French in action' and to learn through this. It is an event that is enjoyed by both schools on an annual basis. 

Pupil Involvement

Pupilsfrom Years 3-6 from Oakwood take part in this event. Pupils from Years 5-6 from Funtington Primary School take part in this event. We also provide a minibus transport service for this event. 


We intend on providing this event as a yearly opportunity on an ongoing basis.