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Enjoying French Together! (Chidham)

We regularly host a French play performance by Onatti Theatre Company, and enjoy providing the facility for other schools to benefit from this experience as well. 


The aim of the project is to enjoy seeing 'French in action'. We like the idea that others can spend time with us, enjoying seeing a fun French play, which enables us to laugh and learn at the same time! 


We want to build links with our local primary schools. We have invited another local primary school, Funtington Primary, to this event for the last few years and feel it is time to spread the net still further, so more individuals can benefit from this valuable experience. 


We host a play (which lasts about an hour) in our school hall. We also enjoy a French-themed snack together and play together. Chidham Primary School does not have to contribute to the cost of hosting the play; this is funded by Oakwood School. 


The benefits of the experience are many; pupils see 'French in action', they see French as a living language that can be humorous and very relevant to them, plus they learn new vocabulary and structures that they can use again in class or in the wider European community. 

Pupil Involvement

We invite pupils from Year 4 to engage in this event. 


We hope to have this as an annual, ongoing event.