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English Masterclasses

Masterclasses offered to two most talented pupils in each local pimary school (up to 80 pupils) by the English deparment


To bridge gap between KS2 and 3,

To identify potential pupils for Scholarships,

To help to widen knowledge and experience of maintained sector pupils


Head of Mathematics suggestes offering Masterclasses on Saturdays as a public benefit service to maintained sector schools - branched out to English, Science & Chess


2 x English staff

Communications staff resources to organise

Catering staff and hosting parents

Classrooms on Saturdays



October - February term and momentum built until final stage when certificates are given out. Surveys sent out to parents to measure pupils' knowledge at end of course.


Pupil Involvement

No pupils from Brentwood; 80 pupils from maintained sector schools (Aged 10)


Every two weeks Feb - October