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English Masterclass 29.10.18

Our Masterclass programme has run for several years at the School. 

During each academic year, we hold Masterclasses in various subjects for talented girls from local primary schools.

They particularly suit Years 4 and 5 pupils who have an interest and ability in their subjects and wish to explore their potential. The classes are primarily fun, but also help to develop confidence and prepare the girls for the move to secondary school.


The English Masterclass, titled Shakespearean Shenanigans, was designed to provide a fun and informative introduction to the work of Shakespeare, through examining Twelfth Night .

Leicester High's ethos is to educate girls to their full potential, whilst building their confidence through a wide range of opportunities; thus Giving Girls Education, Confidence and Opportunity.

The Masterclasses allow us to extend this ethos to girls from local state schools. 


The Masterclasses were originally devised in 2011 as means to offer opportunities to girls from local state schools, raising their aspirations and introducing them to topics in a fun and interesting way. 


Masterclasses all take place in the Senior School, using the facilities available there. 

Masterclasses are run by teaching staff, with support from non-teaching staff. 

Masterclasses last for two hours on a Saturday morning and usually involved three teaching staff and two non-teaching members of staff. 

Sixth Formers also provide support at the events.  


Assessment is being developed to address this area. 


Pupil Involvement

15 girls attended the English Masterclass. 

All attendees are girls. 


Most departments run a Masterclass on a two year cycle. Science and Maths run Masterclasses each year. 

There are plans to further develop the Masterclass programme.