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Edwards Trust Remembrance Events

Edward’s Trust was set up in 1989 by Peter and Hilary Dent in memory of their son Edward, who died aged 7 of cancer at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Over 25 years later the Trust still continues to provide much needed support to bereaved families. Edward’s Trust provides holistic family bereavement services supporting children, young people and parents across the West Midlands. In November of each year EHS offers full use of the school faciltiies for a remembrance service and concert. EHS girls regular volunteer to perform in this event.


EHS supports a local charity supporting children and adults of all ages.


EHS were asked to support this charity in 2013 and an ongoing relationship has been establised.


EHS offer full use of facilities free of charge.

EHS support the Trust with the catering for the day.

EHS girls regularly offer to perform at the event.

EHS Technical Crew and staff support the concert event.


EHS support a local and incredibly important charity.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils  frequently offer to perform at this event.


This link will be repeated annually.