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Educational and charitable link with primary school in Ethiopia.

We contacted Link Ethiopa who put us in touch with Tseda First Cycle School. We wanted a school that we could help with charitable donations but was also an educational resource for us. As part of our Education for Social Responsibility; we want our young pupils to understand that some children (and adults) live very different lives to us. We also wanted our pupils to understand that we can help them in some small way.  


To create an educaitojal link between the two schools and also somewhere that we could support from time to time by donating resources, equipment etc.


We made contact with Link Ethiopia who helped forge the relationship.


Fundraising. Time given to it as part of the curriculum. We have had a visit from a teacher representative in Ethiopia and we hope to reciprocate the visit some time.


Termly review.

Pupil Involvement

All pupils in somne form.


An ongoing relationship.