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Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt is an annual community event held at Pocklington School and run by the staff of Pocklington Prep School. Children aged 2-5 years and their families are invited to a fun morning, searching for Easter Eggs in the grounds of Pocklington School, as well as enjoying other fun activities and refreshments.

The free event is advertised in the local Pocklington community and children and their families from 12 local nurseries are also invited.



The Easter Egg Hunt is a family friendly, community event which is free of charge and welcomes members of the local community to Pocklington School.  Children follow a map, answering clues as they progress and at the finish line, every child is presented with an Easter Egg.


The event requires a full complement of Prep School staff to run the event, with two members of staff responsible for the set up and advertising of the event with flyers, banners and social media.

On the day resources needed include craft materials, face paints, refreshments, decorations, clue sheets and maps.


Around 100 families attended the event this year.


This is an annual event.