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Eastbourne Schools Partnership (Sussex Downs College)

One of our highlights of success this year was the introduction of an event specifically aimed at our harder to reach students. Team Challenge was a competition which gave students the opportunity to tackle a variety of engaging activities while developing teamwork and communication skills with students from other schools. We believe that young people can be stimulated and stretched to cope better with challenges when exposed to Outdoor Learning and the benefits of spending time in the natural environment.

Students where shared into teams of 10 creating both mixed age and ability groupings. Lead by A 'Level students from Sussex Downs College and Eastbourne College, the teams completed a variety of tasks which enhanced practical problem solving, communication and team work skills.

The event was hosted at the Eastbourne Sports Park and special thanks must go to Eastbourne Colleges, Army Cadet Force, who supplied equipment and qualified staff to assist in the running of the event.

We could not have been luckier with the weather and it was fantastic to see the students develop relationships with each other and learn to understand the need for sustainable relationships between other people and their environment. It was a very successful afternoon, and one which we will look at becoming an annual event. Congratulations to all the students who took part and especially to the winning team, who were rewarded with medals and certificates to take home.


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