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Early Years - Furniture Donation

Following the development of new early years facilities, we decided to donate all of our furniture that was no longer required from Nursery to Reception. 

A large amount was taken for various nurseries including Lingfield Nursery School and Copthorne Kinders. 

Tables, chairs and more. 


To provide useful material for nurseries or early years educational institutes that could make use of them.  


Contacted local nurseries and early years institutes informing them that these materials and furniture would be available and encouraged them to take whatever they could make use of. 


Maintenance teams were on hand to remove and place resources/materials in an accessible place for the other schools to access. 



All schools who decided to take from our stock were very grateful. In particular Cophthorne Kinders, who following a fire were in need of resources and we were thrilled to be able to help. 

Pupil Involvement



While this was a large scale development and won't be a common occurrence, whenever we do have resources available to donate we shall do so. 

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