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Drama Production

Year 5 and 6 students from Woodlea Primary School were invited to attend the dress rehearsal of Woldingham's Year 7 production of 'Dr Doolittle' on Wednesday 22 June 2016.


The aim of the partnership is the benefit of increased links with local schools.  By sharing Woldingham's drama facilities entertainment was provided to the younger students whilst Woldingham's Year 7 had an active audience in front of whom to perform their dress rehearsal.  The event was very much enjoyed by all involved.


The relationship between the two schools has been established for a number of years.


The use of Woldingham's auditorium, with assistance from both teaching and support staff from both schools.  No financial contribution is made to Woldingham School.


Very good feedback from both schools on their enjoyment of the event.

Pupil Involvement

Woldingham's Year 7 girls and Woodlea's Years 5 and 6 boys and girls.


This is an annual event that will continue each year.