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Donations from Chapel Collections

Donations given after Chapel Services throughout the year are split between several beneficiaries.


We collect voluntary donations at Chapel services throughout the year, when parents and guests are invited. We aim to split these between worthy charities.


Chapel and Church gatherings usually allow for the opportunity to give to the Church; here at School we collect and give the money raised to various charities to help improve our community and that of others.


Our pupils have buckets or plates on the exit doors of Chapel after services such as Remembrance, Carol Services, Harvest Festival and Leavers' services.


To list the last few years:

2016-17: £7046.23 raised for Shrewsbury Food Bank, Young Minds and Emmaus UK.

2017-18: £2808 raised for the Food Hub, Crisis and the Bishop's Ordination Fund.

2018-19: £4964.17 raised for the Food Hub, Crisis and The Bishop's Ordination Fund.

2019-20: £2041.50 to date for the Ark, Crisis and the Africa Prison Project.

Pupil Involvement

Various pupils help collect donations at services.


There are approx 6 main services each year which provide the bulk of these donations.