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Developing joint CPD in house training.

Continued professional development is vital to ensure the delivery of a vibrant and forward thinking curriculum to pupils.   With the increased time and financial pressures of staff CPD, schools are increasingly forced to find new ways to ensure staff are up to date with the latest teaching approaches.  As a way to develop staff CPD local schools were invited to share in joint staff training on: 

Internet safety, first aid and dealing with difficult individuals. 

The aim is to develop different CPD areas moving forward and to address identified needs.   


To bring schools together for joint staff CPD for highlighted areas for development.  




This project was initiated by P Jones Headmaster of Littlegarth School in discussion with other Senior leaders.    




Identified individuals to led specific training sessions along with agreed host venues.  For the initial activities, Littlegarth School hosted.




The hope is that this developing project will increase training opportunities within the local area and address potential time and cost issues faced by schools when considering their CPD needs.


Pupil Involvement


N/A:   Staff development.



The training will happen annually throughout the academic year.