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Dementia Friendly Day for the Alzheimer's Society

The 14th July 2018 marked national Alzheimer's Day, and in partnership with the local social enterprise Friend In Deed Norwich School held a day of activites, events and fundraising to help increase awareness of the disease.

Kelly Lindsay, founder of Friend In Deed delivered a whole school assembly in Norwich Cathedral to highlight the particular issues of dementia and loneliness in the older generations. 

During the day Kelly ran two Dementia Friends Sessions, where 36 pupils, parents and staff recieved training in the effects of the disease and how to support those living with dementia.  By the end of the day all 36 attendees had signed up to become dementia friends and pledged to help those living with dementia and further spread awareness. 

A charity cake sale for pupils and parents was held in the school playground, with the proceeds being split between the Alzheimer's Society and Friend In Deed. 

During the afternoon a group of residents from a local care home enjoyed a picnic lunch in the Cathedral grounds, and a musical recital from the school's own musical scholars. 


The aim of the project was to celebrate national Alzheimer's Day and raise awareness of the disease and its effects on those living with dementia. 


Norwich School have built a strong relationship with Friend In Deed, and have run several projects in the community such as musical recitals performed by pupils in care homes, and more recently an inter-generational poetry project with our Lower School and several local primary schools and care homes. 

Pupil Involvement

All senior school pupils recieved the assembly talk from Kelly Lindsay, and the Dementia Friendly workshops were attended by fifth and sixth form pupils. 

Our own pupil peer supporters ran the pupil and parent cake sales, and all pupils were invited to attend and take part in the day. 


Nowrich School continues to work with Friend In Deed, and has plans for an Inter-generational Sports Day in July 2018, where members of all generations will be invited to take part in a day of activities.