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Day of Dance 2013

Our local feeder schools were invited for a day of dance under the leadership of professional dancers.

The event was broken into two sections: learn and rehearse with a final dance-off in the afternoon. 

Children were divided into 4 teams: Orange, Blue, Green and Purple and were encouraged to bring their own individual styles to their dances, including attitude, charisma, confidence and competitiveness - elements that are characteristic of hip-hop.


The aim of the event was to offer our partner schools the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops focused on street and contemporary dance.


This event was our first Arts focused event and welcomed professional Street Dance company, QMX Dance, as well as community dance teachers from YMCA Nottingham. 




Feedback from QMX Director, Joseph Hall: "Myself & the team at QMX would like to thank you for the opportunity, the day was full of inspiration & joy, we only hope you feel the same way, please do not hesitate to contact me for future projects and or for working with you on your new performing arts centre."



Pupil Involvement

80 x boys and girls in Year 5 from 6 local primary schools. 



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