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Cressex Summer School

25 Year 9 pupils from Cressex Community School attend Wycombe Abbey for 3 days to gain confidence and leadership skills. The staff were helped by 3 L6 students.


The aim is to build confidence and interpersonal skills within the year 9 pupils, all of whom are invited on the basis of their effort or achievement across the year and is therefore a reward experience. The group of boys and girls do a variety of drama, team building, science, computer programming, leadership challenges, culminating in a presentation and awards ceremony with the Heads of both Cressex and Wycombe Abbey School.


The Head of Wycombe Abbey is a trustee for Cressex Community School, and two staff are on the board of governors. This has led to many close relationships with the school, of which this is largest single venture.

The summer school first started in 2010.


The pupils use a wide range of facilities across the whole site: science labs, computer programming units, drama studio and iPads for movie making, and the estate grounds for the team building leadership challenges.

The venture was run by 7 teachers, 3 graduate assistants and several sixth form pupil helpers (2018).


Pupil Involvement

3 Year 12 Wycombe Abbey pupils assisted with the supervising of the programme.

25 Year 9 Cressex Community School pupils attend


Annual summer school event.