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Creative writing workshop

Rubies and pearls gleamed in the bright lights  of the library on Tuesday 17th November when twenty seven girls from three schools - Salisbury Cathedral, Winterslow Primary and Forres Sandle Manor- came to our school. The first part of the creative writing workshop led by Mrs Nicholls involved the pupils writing close focus descriptions of the gems, using language in as detailed and imaginative a way as possible. Then, while they having refreshments, the jewels were ‘stolen’. Five suspects were hauled in front of the girls and were quizzed about their alibis and motives. Thank you to Mr Miller, Mrs Foster, Mr Evertt, Mrs Firth and Mr Pocklington who demonstrated their abilities to transform into other characters, namely, a local businessman, a cook, head gardener, an ex-pupil and a life guard. Mrs Firth was found guilty as she was taking revenge against the school which did  not make her a prefect! The pupils wrote these events down and their writing will be turned into a booklet for each girl to keep.