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Coronation Afternoon Tea

Alleyn's School hosted an afternoon tea in honour of the King's Coronation with members of LinkAge and residents of the Dulwich Almshouse, whom the school both had existing links with. We had pupils from Year 7 at Alleyn's perform some music and drama pieces for entertainment, and also stay to chat with our guests and help to serve the afternoon tea. 


To engage with elderly neighbours in the local community and invite them in to celebrate the King's Coronation, whilst also engaging with our Year 7 pupils (and our Year 7 pupils developing 'soft skills' like empathy, communication, understanding, patience, conversation skills etc.) 


We already had links with The Almshouses and LinkAge from other partnership projects, but thought this would be a wonderful way to bring everyone into the school, spend time together (elderly residents meeting like-minded and like-aged new friends), and engage with our younger pupils and staff. 

Pupil Involvement

Year 7 pupils from Alleyn's School 


A one-off event for the hisotical King's Coronation, however we had existing links with The Dulwich Almshouse and LinkAge