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Conference Centre - Use of Facilities

Arranged through the Conference Centre, a variety of groups and organisations make use of the School facilities, sometimes without charge other than, where applicable, covering the cost of refreshments/food.  Examples include: 

Stour Valley Descent, each autumn (December 2017) 
Weldmar Hospice Trust – Sponsored Sleep Walk in August 17 
Cricket ‘Chance to Shine’ in June 2017 (cricket competition for primary school children) 
Blandford Tennis Club use of courts each week between April and September annually (nominal fee charged) 
Dorset Teacher Training Partnership Graduation in July 2017 
Dorset County Cricket – first team winter indoor net practice, provided free of charge 
Bryanston Village Cricket Club, have free use of wicket for village games in summer months (6 sessions) 
The Army Benevolent Fund fundraising lunch on 2nd March 2018 was provided for cost price.  
A Curry Lunch was held on 11th February 2018 to raise money for SSAFA.   
Dorset Schools’ Cricket Association AGM was held in November 2017 
Dorset Schools’ Sports Federation AGM was held in November 2017 
Dorset Small Bore Pistol AGM was held in May 2017 
Around 400 pupils from Dorset schools attended the Sports Leadership Academy in January 2018