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Community Lunch

Every month Chirts' Hospital hosts a community lunch for elderly members of the community. They spend the afternoon with some of our pupils, have a hot lunch and watch band parade. Entertainment each month varies from small concerts to games and drama performances. We also host a community Christmas lunch where guests enjoy a full Christmas dinner and carols performed by our pupils


To reduce loneliness in elderly people within the community by providing a regular club that they can attend and meet new people.

Provide mental stimulation for elderly residents within the community

Encourage our pupils to attend and play a part in the schools local community


School facilites, catering, teaching and non teaching staff, Christ's Hospital pupils, local minibus companies.


Improvement of activity for local residents and a reduction of loneliness. Improvement of communication between age groups.

Pupil Involvement

5 -25 Christ's Hospital pupils, depending on the activity planned for that month


Monthly, ongoing