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Community Links - Stover Tennis Club

The local tennis club uses our school facilities as a base for their club and allows us to cater for the local community. Providing greater resources and new facilities.

The club has approximately 30 members from the wider community. One of the courts has recently been covered for all-weather usage, extending the community benefit into the winter months. A local tennis professional has also based their “academy” on these courts. This enables our pupils, but also pupils from other schools and the public at large, to access coaching during weekends and in the evenings.


The aim of the partnership is to extend community benefit and support our local community links. There was a need for courts in the area and we were able to assist with this in order for the club to grow in membership. Greater participation, club numbers and the ability to run tournaments and matches will determine the success of this partnership.


The immediate beneficiaries are members of the local community. School tennis courts and tennis equipment are used. The club pays a nominal fee for use of the courts.