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Community Links - Rotary Club

The school participates in a number of events supported or run by the Newton Abbot Rotary Club. These include a range of activities including debating and fundraising.

The school has also provided its choir as part of a number of community fundraising activities, including the local Rotary Club Christmas fundraising event.


Stover School is a well-regarded school in the region and has numerous links with the community and other groups. One of the strongest links is with Rotary Club who host numerous events here at Stover School and across the district, that our pupils are involved in. Over the years, these have included the annual Rotary Youth Speaks Competition, Rotary Club Cricket Competition, Young Writer Competition, Rotary Youth Games and the Rotary Young Chef Competition, to name a few!


Stover School has a close relationship with Newton Abbot Rotary Club for many years. 

With over 95 years of serving the local community, the club has raised and donated many thousands of pounds, shared skills and knowledge to charities, schools and social organisations.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from Stover School and other schools participate.