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Community Links - Devon Apiary Society

Pupils have been working alongside Dr John Kirk learning the art of bee-keeping.


The school has our very own apiary where pupils have been working alongside Dr John Kirk, from Devon Apiary Society, learning the art of bee-keeping. The honey produced is used in the kitchens and sold to parents and staff.


Since the late 1990s, beekeepers around the world have observed the mysterious and sudden disappearance of bees, and report of unusually high rates of decline in honeybee colonies. As a result, Stover School decided to partner with Devon Apiary Society to tackle the issue.


Stover School has placed a number of hives on a parcel of land at the edge of the school site. Teaching staff have been trained and a member of the Devon Apiary Society joins the pupils on a regular basis as part of their Clubs and Activities curriculum.


Pupils from 3 to 18 years old are involved in the project.