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Community Action Programme

Christ’s Hospital Community Action Programme
Each week volunteer pupils visit local primary schools, nurseries, care homes, charity shops and homes for those who are ill or have life-limiting conditions
The pupil’s roles may change termly and according to the individual placement needs. Currently pupil volunteers act as helpers in the classroom, delivering after school activities and/or clubs, companions for the elderly and those at local hospice day centres.
All Christ’s Hospital pupils involved currently spend approximately 1 hour of their time per week volunteering in these local establishments.


To develop relationships with local partner schools by offering practical help and learning experiences for their school and pupils
To liaise with local partner schools and build links between them and Christ’s Hospital
To reduce loneliness amongst the elderly or terminally ill in the local community
To provide wide-ranging contrasting learning experiences for all pupils involved
To encourage volunteers and pupils to engage locally with members of the community


2-3 Christ’s Hospital pupils per placement, School transport facilities, teaching and non-teaching staff.


The Community Action Programme helps Christ’s Hospital to build links with local primary schools allowing them to benefit from our pupils time and volunteering. This spans across a wide range of activities from after schools clubs to a garden building project
The impact on the local community for local elderly residents and the terminally ill is a reduction in loneliness and improvement of activity and social activities.

Pupil Involvement

2-3 pupils per placement, currently there are 36 different placements in and around the local community and local partner schools.


Weekly, ongoing