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Collaborative work between Bolton School Junior Boys and Thomasson Memorial School for the Deaf

Boys from Bolton School Junior Boys ('Park Road') work alongside children of a similar age from Thomasson Memorial School. Boys from Park Road are taught the basics of sign-language to help them to communicate with the children from Thomasson. This year (2019/20) we are hoping to do this alongside a Design Technology (DT) project, where both schools work together to create something of mutual benefit.


To develop empathy and compassion amongst Park Roads.

To enhance communication skills of both groups of children.

To share work and ideas in areas such as DT, English and Drama.

To further community integration for both groups of children.


Deputy headteacher Mr Morris contacted Thomasson 2 years ago (2017) to revive a collaboration that had lain dormant for some years.


Time is the biggest obstacle to overcome – finding a time that suits both schools and the accompanying 4/5 staff.


Assessment of the impact is not straightforward and tends to be anecdotal. Boys from Park Road have been incredibly positive about the experience though and have always sought to increase their involvement in ‘the project’. Likewise, feedback from Thomasson has always been very positive.

Pupil Involvement

Last year (2018/19) we involved over 30 pupils from Park Road and will look to involve similar numbers this year (2019/20). Thomasson tend to involve around 15 pupils, boys and girls, depending on the size of their oldest class.